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Turkish airlines operating in Istanbul airport

There are more than 15 companies of Turkish origin that operate their lines inside the major Istanbul airport northwest of the city. The most prominent of these companies, Turkish Airlines and Pegasus, with their flights to and from various countries of the world. Here we list you the most prominent of these lines registered in Turkey and operating in the new Istanbul airport:


AnadoluJet was established on April 23, 2008, as a unique trademark in Turkish Airlines Company with an innovative business concept to get the considerable advantage of transportation services for the passengers worldwide. This airlines company kick off with the aim to provide the silver opportunity to everyone to fly high. It is currently providing the service in 69 routes with 37 aircraft-fleet and 41 airports to meet the air requirement of Anatolia, more economically. One of the most popular brand in Turkey is AnadoluJet.

Innovative approaches have added to the developing technology this airline company has increased its fleet of 5 crafts to 37 crafts, with this it has set its aim to let no one behind without fly in the world. It is the brand that files to 69 destinations and 41 airports. This company has broadened its network day by day. More than 73 million passengers travel through this most trusted flight since the day of its inception. With the safe flight experience, it also provides free catering, private lounges, free luggage services, affordable car rental facilities, comfortable travel experience as this brand is dedicated to providing the best service without sacrificing quality.



On March 14, 2001, AtlasGlobal company establish in Turkey headquartered in Istanbul with possessing a license to provide transportation services to the Passenger and Cargo Transportation on Domestic and International” and it operated its first flight on June 1, 2001. In 2004, Atlasglobal started to serve domestic and international flights with the aim of providing the ultimate quality and comfort on boarding and deboarding. You can make memories in the sky with this ultimate brand called AtlasGlobal.

It is the first IATA member private airline in Turkey IOSA certified and shown a significant increment to its flights by 80% in a concise period. Initially, this airline company has started up with only two aircraft, and it has spread its fleet worldwide with a total number of 16 aircraft.

Atlasglobal is the brand that flies to more than 50 destinations in 35 different countries. Atlasglobal operates the scheduled flights within Turkey and to Russia, Asia, CIS Region, Middle East, and Europe. It is the most popular brand and is in great demand in the aviation market because of its high quality, comfort level on board and security. This well-known company has set up an academy called AFA (Atlantic Flight Academy to provide professional pilot, ATS team, and crew training where the highly qualified team of engineers and technicians provide maintenance services to various international airlines.



Another name of trust and quality is Borajet. It is the simple example of "Regional Airlines" in Turkey that is much similar to other high profile airlines in many countries of the world. It is also defined as the aviation company of the new generation which is growing with the leaps and bound.

Borajet is the pioneer of a reliable service provider who keeps the quality at the highest priority.

The dedicated service and innovative idea have put us on the high level that this airlines company has spread its network to the destination like Siirt, Tokat, and Çanakkale. In the

various important tourism routes like Dole, Rhodes, Mykonos, Cyprus, Beirut, Bodrum, Antalya and Edremit.  We provide alternative service to the people living in big cities like Trabzon, İzmir,     Adana, and Ankara.

With connection flights and alternative routes opportunities, many regions are connected to our country to each other by Borajet Airlines. This brand has introduced a high-quality air travel service in the world.


Corendon Airlines Group

In 2005, the first ever flight of Corendon Airlines was launched as the first airline company of the Corendon Tourism Group,

 The first flight from Eindhoven to Sabiha Gökçen Airport in Istanbul. The journey of this brand started with the slogan “Make a Difference!” it has ultimately made a significant difference in the airlines' company. It is such a big brand that it in a year it transport 3 million passengers. The company has shown growth with leaps and bound. It has set its foot firmly on the aviation stage and spread its brand worldwide with the expansion of its network around the world.


Free Bird

The international charter airline is a Free Bird which was established in June 2000. It is Turkey charter airlines based in Istanbul and serves the nearby regions and Europe with the fleet of 7 Airbus A320s. This brand has managed to attract attention to the constant developments among the Turkish private air forwarders. The core activities performed by passenger/ cargo transport, engineering and maintenance, and flight crew training, these activities are under the rules & regulation of the Turkish Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

It is the company that provides the ground services to more than 85 companies in the field of representation — fuel, supervision, security, and brokerage.

Gözen Holding is founded by Mekin GÖZEN and Mete BOZYİĞİT with more than 30 years of reputed past in the airline's sector and continues its operations with its dedicated and organized team under the management of Selim TÜKENMEZ. Thus we are the first ever airline company in Turkey that has been granted ISO 9001:2000 Certification by TUV Rheinland in 2002 and has been once again the first charter airline that acquired the IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit) the Registration granted by IATA (International Air Transport Association) in July 2006.

 Like other Airline companies, it was also craving to achieve excellence in airlines and intended to generate a valuable image among customers, employees, and shareholders.


MNG Airlines

MNG has carried its sectoral experience beyond the figures and spread its wing in one-third of the world airports. It is founded in February 1996, has kicked off its operations with shipping flights to Hahn (Germany) and Stansted (England) with the medium range of Airbus A300 on November 1997.

Now, MNG Airlines continue operations with its fleet of 1 Airbus A300 B4-200F, 1 Boeing 737-400F, 6 Airbus A300-600 C4, 1 Airbus A330-243F airplanes. 

Striving for excellence in this sector they have successfully expanded their network around the world. It is one of the leading brands in its region. It has occupied the large portion of the cargo in Turkey, MNG has grown up with leaps and bound. It provides the planes and capacity to its customers with charter flights and scheduled flights.

MNG Airlines has started to operate in 2000, that fully equipped Imports Warehouse Services within EU standards, 12 km away from Istanbul Ataturk Airport.

The space of 10.000m2, 60.000m3 capacity, and 7.000 Euro-pallets. We at MNG Airlines provide the best way to carry out the registry, storage, shipping and delivery work based on barcode system.


AirACT ( MyCARGO ) Airlines

AirACT ( MyCARGO ) Airlines has been certified by IOSA since 2007, and we provide Ad-Hoc Charter services and ACMI to customers, including, freight forwarders, brokers, direct shippers, and airlines. Further,  this airlines company provides outsourced aircraft operating services and solutions, including the maintenance and insurance,  provision of an aircraft crew, while customers undertake fuel, demand and taking the risk.

With the high spirit of doing business, we aim to be the world’s best air freighter company who can become the customers' first preference among all. We adhere to provide the quality services and range of affordable services to the customers.  This company put up with the innovative ideas that help it grow with sustainable profitability and let it acquire a successful future. This company has handled various challenging situation and operations worldwide.  It has performed hundreds of Ad-Hoc flights including immediately after various disasters, UN’s humanitarian aid operations, ACT Airlines proved its efficient, fast, and flexible abilities.


Onur Air

Want to travel through the low budget visiting brand? Onur Air is the only Turkish airlines brand that provides low budget travelling service based at Istanbul Atatürk Airport. On April 14, 1992,  Onur Air was established. As the pioneer in private airline industry in Turkey, it has celebrated its most remarkable completion of 27 year.

It is the first ever private airline that has started domestic flights after the opening of domestic air transport in Turkey at the private sector in 2003, carry on with the development to provide the best possible and affordable price for the consumer who loves to fly at affordable price. The opening of scheduled / non-scheduled flights has provided the ease of traveling for the customers. There is 1668 personnel employed in this Airline company. It is capable of operating 30 aircraft with a fleet of Airbus groups. Fourteen major domestic and more than 120 international destinations scheduled and non-scheduled flights are operated by this company in 25 countries. It is such a huge brand that has been carrying more than 100 million passengers since its inception.

With the fact that the company works in one of the most challenging and periodic business environment. This company can overcome any kind of bottlenecks and difficult situation by its experienced staff and skilled team. Day by day the company has shown growth in leaps and bound manners. The dedicated team and support services available all the time for the customer that make it unique and the most preferred among all.


Pegasus Airlines

If you want to follow your passion for traveling around the world, do not sit back just because of the high cost of airlines. You will glad to know that Pegasus is providing reasonable transportation services. It is one of the leading brands with the low-cost airline in Turkey. This company has set an aim to spread its flight network worldwide with great flight frequency for Passengers. It is a the airlines company founded by Aer Lingus Group in 1990.

Esas Holding A.S. has acquired it on 2005, and it is owned by Sevket Sabanci and his family, Pegasus is set to launch scheduled domestic flights in November of the same year and reported as the 4th top company among the scheduled airlines operating companies in Turkey.

The final structure of partnership after the Initial Public Offering provide the report that tells the percentage of shares to hold by different authorities likewise 34.5 % of shares are floating in Borsa Istanbul, and 65.5% belongs to Esas Holding A.S, whereas the rest is owned by Sevket Sabanci and his family.


Saga Airlines

SAGA Virtual Airlines is the charter airlines based in Istanbul, Turkey. This most reputed airline has been founded on 4th of February 2010 with the official permission of SAGA Airlines. It has started its service from 26th February 2010 according to IVAO’s approval. It is serving the tourism industry efficiently. It has advanced its aircraft to provide the best service and traveling experience to the passengers. It keeps its flight records with the use of its Data Recorder. The incomparable satisfaction of passenger makes SAGA Airlines a unique. SAGA Airlines has provided valuable contributions to the Aviation sector.



As a joint venture between Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines, SunExpress founded in 1989, SunExpress has developed its remarkable position as the best airline within Europe. Now, it is one of the leading airlines operating between Germany and Turkey. Every year, these airlines  carry approximately 9 million passengers.

Such a great achievement would not have been possible without good cooperation with our  famous tour operators, travel agencies as well as passengers. It has completed the 26 years of its service to provide the best and trustworthy service to the passengers.

The airline is based in Antalya on the Turkish Riviera, with Izmir on the Aegean coast operating as another important center of the Airlines. It is headquartered at Deutschland GmbH.  SunExpress operates from 21 airports in Turkey and more than 15 airports in Germany. More than 4,000 people are employed by SunExpress. It is one of the most successful and continuously growing airlines. Various rewards have been won by this company. 

As of now, it is operating more than 1,200 flights per week, SunExpress always comprehensive to expand its market share and market leadership to over 80 destinations in Turkey and 20 countries in Europe and North Africa. Transparency maintained by these airlines as they include all taxes and additional charges in the ticket prices. They rum various programme like SunPoints rewards programme, on joining this valuable programme individual status get attached to the member as this programme offers benefits like priority boarding and other benefits.

Izmir, the city of Turkey, is the airline’s primary hub on the Aegean Region and part of its core

market – as well as popular holiday destinations.  There are numerous destinations around the Mediterranean, Egypt, Bulgaria and on the Red Sea which can be explored by the SAGA Airlines easily.


Tailwind Airlines

With the anticipated conjecture of expanded travelers to go from 23 million to 50 million sooner rather than later it is clear that Turkey requires enhancement for the accessibility of air transport. Our first target is in this manner to give reliable and proficient support of the contract business. At that point, our point is to guarantee that we provide our clients a practical and confided in the carrier which like this will inhale new life into the Turkish aeronautics division.

Tailwind Airlines is a joint Turkish British association. It was set up to make a proficient, modern aircraft to help the proceeding with air travel development in the Turkish standard flying part. Tailwind center group is comprised of exceptionally experienced and skilled experts from the flight business to give a trustworthy establishment to accomplish its essential target.


Turkish Airlines

Turkey's "rising star," Turkish Airlines began its voyage in 1933 with only five airplanes. Today it presents with a traveler and freight armada of 332 airships and with similar energy and eagerness as the essential day after every one of those years. The generous development it has accomplished has put Turkish Airlines among the top aircraft of the world. Strengthening this unmistakable position and vitality with its noteworthy development figures and creative methodology, Turkish Airlines has dependably put its mark under significant achievements in the segment. One of them is without a doubt the biggest airlines request in Turkish Civil Aviation history, with a critical choice that the carrier took in 2013.

With this choice, the national transporter planned to both keep up the average armada age over the coming years, and push its nature of administration much further higher. Checking the considerable size of requests, and the flying machine whose rental period is because of arrived at end before the finish of 2023, the armada of the transporter including freight airplanes   expected to achieve 500 flying machines.

Turkish Airlines forever keeps on embraced endless activities in worldwide common aeronautics. For example, the global bearer opened another section in Turkish Civil Aviation by propelling its new support and fix focus in June 2014. The further support and fix office, developed at Sabiha Gökçen International Airport, has been viewed as an enormous advance forward for Turkish Civil Aviation, and broadly noted in worldwide flight.

 Here is the short history of the reputed airlines. The middle added a new force to the area's division development also. The point of the task, past setting up a grounds that gives support fix and upgrade administrations, was the formation of a satisfactory aeronautics complex that draws in and provides space to firms working in different regions of flight, and specific organizations fabricating items for the business.

The task was enlivened with speculation of about 550 million USD. This support and fix focus as of now has a workforce of almost 7,000 set up, and alongside its backups (TEC, Goodrich Turkish Technic Service Center, TCI Turkish Cabin Interior, TSI Turkish Seat Industries) it has an average yearly turnover of 1.5 billion USD. Conveying this avionics complex into impact increased present expectations in the field of flying support and became a force to be reckoned with as a significant achievement too making a course for the generation of a national ordinary traveler airship, which is a substantial goal of 'Turkish Republic's 2023 Vision' that set down to agree with the 100th commemoration of the   Turkish Republic. Another critical activity of Turkish Airlines that effectively done as of late is the production of Turkish Seats Industries – TSI.

This endeavor, an organization of Turkish Airlines, Turkish Technic Inc., and Assan Hanil, is the first nearby flying machine situate maker solely structured by Turkish designers. In 2014, this task assumed a remarkable job in the provincial aeronautics plan, with a venture of 5 million    USD. After Turkish Seats Industries had effectively presented the first privately structured seat to the get together of Boeing 737-800 flying machine, it at that point configuration seats which last the ergonomic existence of Airbus A319-320 and 321 airships, and it keeps on driving development in seat plan.

The organization, which has at first begun to remodel only existing planes of the Armada, presently fits these privately produced seats to some new planes that joining to the Armada. This task of which principle point is to give ergonomic chairs that expansion the traveler solace and fulfillment to the most elevated amount, is likewise an indication of pride for the banner transporter as being traded to the world's biggest airship makers, Boeing and Airbus, then again. Having finished a sum of 78 flying machine arranges by the center of 2018, TSI keeps on extending its client portfolio with the requests got.

Another critical activity TCI (Turkish Cabin Interiors) is an organization between Turkish Airlines, Turkish Technic Inc., and TAI, which created the principal airplane cookroom to be altogether structured by Turkish designers. After taking conveyance of the leading business airship fitted with TCI kitchen gear in 2014, Turkish Airlines are proceeding to include flying machines equipped with this cookroom hardware to its consistently extending armada.


ULS Airlines Cargo

You can certainly confide in your freight to ULS Airlines Cargo, which has hazardous substances, live creatures, new vegetables, and organic products, and information and expert that can convey a wide range of burdens that require extraordinary consideration. We are additionally at the administration of other carrier load organizations around the globe with ULS Havayolları Kargo experienced flight group and high innovation airplane with the most recent innovation, offering ACMI with the thought of our associates' long haul airship renting demands   from coordinations specialist co-ops. Timid 145 Authorization Certificate and A Check and Line Maintenance Service are likewise accessible at Atatürk and Sabiha Gökçen Airport.

Our organization situated in Istanbul Atatürk Airport works with three A310-300 payload planes in its armada. There are three flying machines in our fleet, and our absolute conveying limit is 120 tons. In our administration go, our clients have the alternative of "sanction," "long haul airship rental (ACMI) with different aircrafts" and "booked flight" choices. For our sanction flights, we attempt to worry about the entirety of our clients' concerns under sensible conditions, rapidly and internationally.