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Istanbul Airport Guide

Istanbul Airport as one of the biggest Airports in the world tends to take everything upon itself and provide all the services to it's customers from arrival to departure. With wide variety passenger facilities and centers, you can be sure to find all you may need inside the airport area. Here you can find the most important places while you are at the airport.





Shopping at Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport offers a unique shopping experience blended with selected brands and a modern retail concept before and after your travels.

There are local and international fashion brand stores around the airport to enable passengers to meet their needs for accessories, jewellery and watches, kids wear and toys, home textile, electronics and so on.

Below mentioned stores currently provide services at Istanbul Airport.


Departures Floor

Domestic Terminal – Airside:

  • D&R
  • Fashion Box
  • Samsonite
  • Toyzz Shop


International Terminal - Landside:

  • Phablet Mobile Phone Accessories


The following stores will soon be in service.


  • Airport Pharmacy
  • Ataköy Flower Shop
  • Beauty Box
  • Boyner
  • Cleo
  • Emnana
  • Flormar
  • Hempa Mobile Phone Accessories
  • Huzur Pharmacy
  • Intertech Tobacco
  • Levent Lostra
  • Levent Gift Shop
  • Melike Sultan Pharmacy
  • Onur Souvenir Shop
  • Parisli Cemil Hair Dresser
  • Quickwrap
  • Yiğit Alp Laundry
  • Yves Rocher







Istanbul Airport Guide - Food & Beverage

There are several types of cafes and restaurants at Istanbul Airport representing numerous concepts and offering delicious food and meals from Turkish and world cuisine.

Bakeries, patisseries, cafes, bars, restaurants, popular coffee chains, fast food restaurants and Grab-and-Go buffets are serving assorted tastes to our passengers.

Food courts at Istanbul Airport:


Departures Floor

Domestic Terminal – Airside:

  • Gloria Jean’s Coffees
  • Seferi
  • Simit Sarayı


International Terminal - Airside:

  • Simit Sarayı
  • Via Cafe



  • Mvnch
  • Seferi


The following stores will soon be in service.


  • Brewmark
  • Chef Restaurant
  • Jackie’s
  • Malatya Pazarı
  • Mood Up
  • Tadında Anadolu
  • Take Off
  • Tchibo
  • Turkish Cusine
  • Tickerdaze
  • Yo! Sushi







Duty Free

A unique shopping experience blended with the selective brands and modern retail concept awaits the passengers of Istanbul Airport. Operating in retail business for over 30 years, Unifree Duty Free has a total sales area of 55,000 square meters, including elite boutique shops of 18,000 square meters, classical Duty Free stores of 34,000 square meters and a Bazaar area of approximately 3,000 square meters, where local products are offered.

Designed for passengers to feel the sense of belonging particular to Istanbul, Duty Free area consists of 9 sections housing different concepts, including Fashion Garden, Family Palace, High&Lux Hills, Style Beach. Each section welcomes passengers with concept-related selective brands. The rich variety of product groups offered to guests includes accessories, jewelry and watches, kids wear, toys, home textile, electronics from luxurious, premium, besides accessible local and international brands.

The Latest Technologies for the Guests

Unifree Duty Free offers the latest technologies in traveling retail sector at the duty free shops of Istanbul Airport. Various technologies including 3-D Hologram systems, rechargeable smart shopping baskets, mobile payment points, costumer profiling and analysis systems elevate the shopping experience. For example, 'Magic Mirror', one of the latest and most popular technologies, allows shoppers to preview watches, sunglasses, accessories, clothes and make-up products without even trying them on. Thanks to the electronic customer profiling system, the stores are able to offer 'exclusive services and products' to their customers. PRMs can also enjoy the shopping experience at Istanbul Airport with special vehicles allocated and trained sales attendants assigned.






Airport Hotels

Innovative London based hotel brand, YOTEL, will be responsible for operating the new airport hotel in the main terminal building, conveniently located on the departures level and right next to passport control. The new hotel will be ideal for both business and leisure travellers, as well as airline crew and other businesses within the airport and local environment.

The hotel, which will be one of the biggest airport hotels in the world, and the biggest in Europe, will have 451 rooms (also known as cabins). YOTEL will introduce its clever design and use of technology in two zones – one airside (174 cabins) and one landside (277 cabins). Both parts of the new hotel will feature public spaces including smart vending, co-working and relaxing areas, wellness centres and planted glazed atriums to connect people with nature. In addition, the landside zone will include a restaurant, bar and 24/7 gym. The new hotel will also feature flexible meeting spaces with seamless technology, ideal for small or large, formal and casual meetings, conveniently located for airport businesses and passengers alike.

At YOTEL everything is designed around the needs of the modern traveller. From adjustable SmartBeds™, refreshing monsoon rain showers and dynamic adjustable lighting to free super-fast WiFi and the ability to connect own devices to smart TVs to stream music or video at the touch of a button. Guests can check in and out whenever they choose and can book for as little as four hours making it ideal for guests on long transits. Airline style self-check in kiosks are available avoiding lengthy queueing times at traditional hotel reception desks and freeing up guests to get on with what is important to them.