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A man got a heart stroke because he lost his flight

           A few days ago in the Istanbul Airport, a man got a heart stroke after receiving the news that his flight departed before arriving at the flight gate. 


The airport security explained that the man reached the terminal right after the gate got closed, when the passenger went to the airline check-in desk to try to catch his flight, they delivered the sad news that made him have a breakdown of the fact that he has arrived too late to the terminal and there isn't a way to catch his flight since its already departing. The traveler was unwilling to accept the fact that the plane was leaving and he cannot lay hold of it.


heart stroke at the airport

Some information was exposed by the airport; uncovering the man’s identity, it states that the traveler is a male in his mid-fifties, with Turkish nationality, under the name of `Usman`, and he was heading to Belgrade Serbia to visit his daughter and the rest of his family.


The Airline agents described the scene and how did he react, declaring the shocking frozen state he switched to for a few minutes after perceiving the news, afterward he started tearing and screaming, and slowly started experiencing heavy breathing while shouting to the agents, demanding an immediate fly refund.


The check-in service explained to `Usman` that he can write to the customer service of the airline informing them about his situation in order to fix his case and getting another seat on another flight, yet; the man was panicking still, stumbled down while raising his voice against the airport agents, which led him to a panic attack episode inside the Istanbul Airport that caught all travelers attention in the Istanbul airport.


The passenger Usman was diagnosed with a heart disease known as Cardiovascular disease according to some statements, he blacked out of a heart stroke as a result of the extreme intense panic occurring from the shocking event he witnessed. 


According to some statistics from the American Heart Association, Cardiovascular disease is the number-one cause of death in both women and men all over the world, and the symptoms of the disease change from men to women.


As the scientist association claims, men tend to often be more exposed to heart disease conditions than women, when men have a heart stroke, they experience more pressure or tightness around the chest that is often subtler than men's chest pain, a severe headache, Weakness or numbness, Blurriness in the eyes, difficulty speaking and understanding, dizziness and loss of balance.

These were the manifested symptoms of the passenger.  After the incident, the airport security called the medical care team and got him transferred immediately to the hospital for the medical procedures.

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