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Airport of  The Year Award

Istanbul Airport is the winner of an award at the “Airport of the Years” category in “Reader’s Choice 2019” awards which is determined by reader votes of International Airport Review Magazine.

Istanbul Airport that is having recently celebrated the first year of its inauguration got an international appreciation for its goal of becoming a global hub by chosen “Airport of the Year” in a category by leaving behind other powerful opponents like Heathrow, Changi, Copenhagen Vancouver, Sydney, Hong Kong international airports.


Airport of  The Year Award

The award winner, Istanbul Airport, has achieved this success in a short period of time and left behind many international airports.

CEO of IGA Airport Operations Kadri Samsunlu said: “We are happy to bring an international award to our country. While Istanbul Airport is leaving its first year behind with its unique architecture, strong infrastructure, superior technology, and high-end travel experience; we have made significant progress in the goal of exhibiting an exemplary airport operating model in the world by letting Turkey to become a global hub and moving to the top league in the aviation sector.

The ‘Airport of the Year’ award, which we have won by leaving many important airports behind, shows how well we do our work at Istanbul Airport. Aware of the great responsibility it places on us by being an occasion of pride for our country and giving the lead for the world; We want to bring many more international awards to our country by realizing our goals one by one in the following periods.”