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Istanbul Airport IGA lounge Services - FAQ


CIP Lounge Istanbul airport entrance

Istanbul Airport CIP Lounge


What is Lounge in the airports?

Lounges refer to areas and rooms at international airports built to serve CIP travellers (Commercially Important Person or high-value commercial customers). It is a service hall where Local and Foreign travellers or transit passengers can spend time before boarding their next flight or after landing without waiting in the crowded passenger waiting hall. Such services can be quickly booked online before being at the airport.


Why book airport lounge services?

Suppose you are tired of the always-crowded passenger waiting hall at the big airports. or if you want to spend your time before flying in or after landing in a quiet location. These halls give you some privacy and comfort to get rest or to have an enjoyable time without having to get out of the airport.


What kind of services can I get in the lounges?

Lounges have spread to almost all airports worldwide and are competing to provide the maximum possible services to their passengers. Thus, they make sure to bring all services in one place to make sure you will get all you need as a traveller seeking to get some rest after a long flight.

Drinks and refreshments are all available. Some offer food, meals, or an open buffet for visitors, in addition to other services such as shower rooms, rooms designated for work, separate rooms for those who wish to sleep for a while.

Some lounges show a particular interest in children, as they have a designated area for children, in addition to halls for smokers.

The lounges at the airports also provide other services such as newspapers, TV, and Wi-Fi access.


How long can I stay at the Istanbul Airport CIP lounge?

Most of the airport lounges allow travellers to stay inside the Lounge and enjoy their services for a maximum of 3 hours, and others may extend their services up to a maximum of 6 hours. Of course, prices vary depending on the length of time you will spend during your break.

But in Istanbul Airport Lounge for CIP, you can enjoy the Services for a maximum of 4 hours, and the price is 59 Euro per person.


How much does the lounge service cost?

The airport lounge service's primary objective is to provide modern lounges for travellers that give comfort, tranquillity, and various services. Also, those breaks differ in their design and the number of services they provide. Accordingly, the prices vary in addition to luxurious first-class holidays and other business people.

Prices usually range from 16 Euro to 70 Euro depending on different services, facilities, and working hours.


The best airport lounges in the world

London Gatwick  - "My Lounge" - North Hall:

The Lounge provides services that include refreshments, drinks, Wi-Fi, and a designated area for children, so it is suitable for families if you want to travel with your family on vacation. The average cost is around 24 Euros for an adult and 14 Euros for a child,


Paris Charl de Gol Airport - Yotel Air Lounge

It costs 59 euros for an adult and 59 euros for a child, and it is a suitable lounge for business travelers. It offers multiple services, such as shower rooms and separate rooms for businessmen.


Zürich Airport - Prime Class Lounge

The Lounge offers its services on the third floor with drinks and refreshments in addition to newspapers and Wi-Fi. However, this Lounge tends to bring its services for Schengen flights only at the cost of 33 euros per adult and 33 euros per child.


Istanbul Airport - Turkish Airlines Lounge Istanbul

The new Istanbul Airport attracts its travelers' attention, drawing attention to the mastery of its craftsmanship. When you visit the CIP Lounge, which Turkish Airlines designated to serve travelers of CIP, you will be amazed by the splendor of its design and elegance. Turkish Airlines has moved its luxurious terminal from Ataturk Airport to the new one located northwest of the city (New Istanbul Airport). Its area expanded to 9580 square meters after it was 6 thousand square meters at Ataturk Airport.

Turkish Airlines has improved its new Lounge, which preceded the most luxurious hotels, with many facilities, including a cinema, library, museum, children's playground, golf course, and a traditional-style café with a beautiful garden next to it.

There are three types of classes for this lounge (Business, Turkish Airlines Domestic Lounge Istanbul, and Miles and Smiles lounge).


Istanbul Airport - CIP Lounge

IGA lounge at Istanbul International Terminal is the best choice for economy class travelers. You can have such a good time waiting for our next flight inside IGA lounge Istanbul.


CIP Lounge Istanbul airport adress

You can book directly upon your arrival if there are available places. However, we strongly recommend you to book a place before your flight to make sure you have a lounge pass when you arrive. The prices are around 60€ per person for four hours.

For more details about IGA Lounge and booking, please have a look at Istanbul Airport CIP Lounge.


Some notes from Istanbul's airport website before you book an airport lounge.


Is there a storage or locker room at Istanbul airport CIP Lounge to leave valuables?

There is a disinfected storage locker room in the Lounge you can leave your suitcases, travel bags, backpacks, and other luggage inside.


storage locker in CIP lounge


What is the Istanbul airport CIP Lounge work hours?

The Lounge is open 24 hours at all visitor's services.


In case the flight time changed or delayed... how can I change the entry code?

There is no need to make any changes to the entry code assigned to you. You can perform a CIP Lounge entry with the same code.


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