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Tips for Better Travel Experience With Your Pet

 Perfect Trip With Your Small Friend

  Alone, you must have done a trip plan many times, but this time plan a trip with your pet and get ready for a different experience.


2 dogs prepare for travel

Due to having pet animals in the house, there will be cherished among all the family members. Especially if you live in a nuclear family and there are not many people in the house, then the pet animal will be a close family member.

The problem comes when there is a trip plan with the family, but your pet is not part of that trip. More than trouble, there is worry about who will take care of your pet after going on a trip. There is not even a feeling of giving up on pet care.

In such a situation, either the trip is canceled, or the pet has to be left after trusting someone. In both situations, the mind becomes depressed.

But if you want, you can take your beloved pet on a trip with you. before doing this, you have to take care of some things.


 Mode of Travel

  There is a lot of difference between traveling with the pet and traveling alone. You can choose any means to travel alone, but before traveling with the pet, you should know whether your small friend will be welcomed or not in the medium you chose.


First of all, if you are traveling by flight, then Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa Delta Air, American Airlines, and Air Canada are some of the flight services in which pets can also be carried along. Some airlines allow your pet in the cabin others prefer it to be in the cargo.

Only small dogs and cats are allowed in the cabin. So if your small friend will take his seat in pet cargo, you shouldn't worry about that. Cats and dogs travel better this way because it is quieter, and they will rest in a darkened environment.


There are different charges, and some conditions have to be followed. Like:

  •   • you cannot take sick and pregnant pets on the flight.
  •   • Your pet should not be less than eight weeks old ( and on some international flights more) fully weaned before travel.
  •   • The weight of the pet shouldn't exceed 8 kg in case you want to take in it in cabin (PETC : pet in cabin) if more than 8 kg the pet would go to pet cargo (AVIH: Animal Vivant in Hold)

dog in the luggage

There are some extra tips to help you and your pet feel comfortable during traveling :

  • Big and suitable carrier for your pet to be able to move around and lay down comfortably .

  • Choose a trip without a layover.

  • Avoid extreme heat and cold, so planning a nighttime arrival to a hot destination will be better for your pet.

  • Walk for along distance before traveling and play with your pet.

  • If your pet is acceptable in the cabin, it is better to be as late as possible.

  • If your pet will be transported as cargo, check-in early so it can go to the dimly lit hold and quiet in the plane.


In addition to flights, trains can also be taken. You have to make a first-class reservation on the train. It consists of 4 seats. The good thing is that you will also have to pay for the pet fare less than the plane's one.


 Choose a Pet-Friendly Hotel

  The pet is not accommodated in all hotels. Therefore, you should book a hotel in advance where you can keep your pet with you. Your pet will take time to adjust to the new place. So don't worry. Prepare separate bedding for the pet so that it can rest comfortably. book a room by an exit on the ground floor to take your dog or cat for a walk.

 Give Your Pet's Vet a Visit

  Please consult the veterinarian once before going on a trip. The doctor will be able to tell you how to take care of the pet during the trip. If the pet has any health issues, and its medication is being administered, do not forget to carry it during the trip.

the doctor will make sure that your pet has the entry requirements for your destination country .this requirements include :

Blood test



dog is ready for trip

 Pet Bag

 Keep the pet contents separate from your luggage. So that you can get its goods easily if needed. The way you keep a variety of things for you on a trip, keep your clothes and your pet's food in your bags.


 Prepare Your Pet Food

 You will not get the same home food you used to give to your pet outside. So keep some ready-made food items for the pet. Also, please Do not feed the pet so that the rate of its health worsens.


 Requirements For a Dog Travel

• It must be at least 12 weeks old and doesn't exceed more than 8 kilos.

• If this is your dog's first rabies vaccination, you should wait for about 28 days before traveling.

• If your dog is an adult and has proof that it is vaccinated before, you can travel without waiting 28 days.

• You should have your dog's rabies vaccination certificate for the duration of your trip.

• If your dog is pregnant, it is not allowed to travel by air.


 When Travel By Car

  You can also travel by car with a pet. But for this, some special things have to be kept in mind. Make complete arrangements to make the pet sit before traveling by car. Try to make the pet sit on the front seat and buy an animal special seat belt.

Tie the pet so that it does not fall from the seat while the car is running. If the road is long, then stop the car for a while and walk. Always keep the car window open so that the pet can get breathe better, especially in hot weather.

White cute dog in bag

Turkish Airlines - Comfort and Safety İnstructions For Pet's Travel

  •  -  If your pet does not exceed 8 kg (cage included) and the cage does not exceed 23 cm height x 30 cm width x 40 cm length, it can be carried in the aircraft's cabin section. It would be best if you carry your pets in specially produced soft case cages or bags.
  •  - We do not allow pregnant animals or cats and dogs under 10 weeks old onto our flights.
  •  - Cats and dogs or cats and birds are not allowed on the same plane, whether cabins separate them or not.
  •  - Dogs and birds may be carried in different cabins or the same cabin at the furthest distance possible.
  •  - Parrots and pigeons can be transported only in the aircraft hold (AVIH Animal in hold).
  •  - The pet's carriage isn't included in the free baggage allowance and is subject to excess baggage fee or baggage piece concept.
  •  - The pet's carriage prices started from 70 TRY for Domestic Flights and 70 USD for International Flights .