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Layovers Without Getting Bored - How to Make the Travel Time Between Airports Short

Flights with layovers are often cheaper than direct flights. However, still, many travelers will pay more to avoid the airport's extra-time despite the savings. Most flights are irritating, especially those that pass through (transit) stops. The traveler has to spend extra time and effort while getting off the first plane and boarding the next one, along with the necessary transfer/transit procedures.

But layovers can be useful and fun if you adopt the right mindset and plan a bit before flying.

Enjoy layover without boredom

What is Transit Flight:

Istanbul Segway Tour

A connecting flight or transit flight is to reach the final destination through two or more flights,in other words, traveling without any direct flights, and the passengers change the plane before reaching their final destination. Sometimes, the change may take a long time, so you can leave the airport and hike outside or do some activities at the airport.


We offer you some tips to make layovers a memorable part of your trip:

A Segway tour from Istanbul Airport: If the waiting time is more than 6 hours, you should take a sightseeing tour in Istanbul's center using the coolest ride of the 21st century.. the Segway. The Segway tour is unique and one of the best options for getting to know Istanbul quickly and unusually.


Sleeping: tiredness and exhaustion are fixed in flights, as the difference in altitude, oxygen, and pressure causes a foggy head and slight headache. So if your connecting flight is more than 4 hours, sleep is the most appropriate option, and The Istanbul International Airport Lounge offers the most beautiful opportunity. Enjoy a fresh shower and a more comfortable place to relax and sleep to capture a rest before you arrive at your last destination.


Sports: Sitting and waiting for a long time is very dull. Instead of sitting and waiting, you can move your body muscles and do some exercise in a gym near the airport or a nearby hotel, thus revitalizing your body and enjoying the same time.


Snacking: If you do not like the plane-foods, and prefer to eat hot food. Istanbul Airport provides a wide range of restaurants that offer tasty food and number of cafes where you can enjoy a cup of Turkish coffee with some sweets and pastries.

In addition to the tour provided by our website to the famous Turkish salt Bae Chef Nusrat Restaurant


Have some conversations: The long wait is an opportunity for you to make new friendships with the travelers waiting with you. Through this, you can get to know people from different cultural backgrounds, and you can also make video calls with family and friends and share your moments.


Get a room: If your waiting period for transit exceeds 12 hours, and you do not prefer to sleep in the airport lounges, then book a room in a hotel near the airport or at the airport hotel and enjoy a warm shower, relax in a soft bed and use the waiting period to recharge your energy again. From here, you can find the best accommodation offers in hotels near the airport.


Read a Book: Reading is one of the most pleasant things you can do if you have some free time. You can enjoy that if you keep your favorite book in your bag or go to the airport library and take some outstanding books to utilize your free time reading.


Istanbul Airport Library

Shopping in the airport duty-free: Who does not like shopping, so the transition period can be a brilliant opportunity to pass the time in the airport duty-free markets. Duty-free goods considered prizes while traveling between cities may receive souvenirs and gifts for that country's landmark. It is also possible to get a tour of the city center, visit its folk markets or large shopping centers, and get things that may not be accessible in other places in the world. And nothing can compare to shopping in the old Istanbul markets, such as the Spice Bazaar, the Spice Bazaar, and the famous shopping centers such as Mall of Istanbul and Cevahir Mall.


istanbul airport dutuy free

Enjoying a tourist tour in Istanbul: taking a short tour in Istanbul in your waiting time is also a valuable idea, visiting the sights, getting to know them, and enjoying nature is lovely. Istanbul is a city of gardens and forests that are distinguished by their amazing nature and wonderful greenness. The municipality of Basaksehir, near the airport, has many beautiful parks where you can spend some time in the embrace of nature. .


What are the things to pay attention to in transit trips?

When planning to travel on a long trip and have booked a transit flight, you must pay attention to your flight type, whether it is a connecting flight on the same airlines, where the bags moved automatically to the next plane. Or none-connecting flight, where you have to get off the plane, go to the Arrivals gate, take your bags and head back to Departures Gate to deliver your luggage again and prepare for the next flight.

But in a non-connecting flight case, you need to obtain a Transit Visa for a period ranging from 24 to 72 hours. It is advisable to inquire of the airline about the conditions of the transit visa.