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Era of Smart Robots in the Airport


A smart robot named “UFS Titiz” was introduced to the press at Istanbul Airport. They launched the unmanned smart robot era at the airport. There was given information about the smart robot “UFS Titiz” to the press by conducting a publicity ceremony at Istanbul Airport by UFS Facility Services Co. that is distributing ECOBOT SCRUB 75 - ECOBOT SCRUB 50 models which are developed in Singapore.

Civilian Authority of Istanbul Airport Ismail Sanli, CEO of IGA Kadri Samsunlu, General Manager of UFS Facility Services Co. Nazli Uzunlar and many guests attended the publicity ceremony.

Nazlı Uzunlar, who was speaking at the publicity expressed they will provide reliable and quality service with an innovative approach with no need for manual intervention. 


Smart Robots in the Istanbul Airport

Mrs. Uzunlar said: “We are as UFS Facility Services Co. that administrates the areas entrusted by our customers under the roof of “Integrated  Facility Management” experience the pride of being one of the leading companies of United Group. We have become a solution partner for our customers in areas such as Professional Cleaning: Private Security; Electronic Security; Technical Operations and Maintenance: Gardening, Plant Care and Landscaping; Reception and Information Desk; Pool Maintenance; Spraying and Pest Control, Catering, Refreshments; Personnel and Payroll Services.

Today, here on behalf of UFS Facility Services Co. requirements of the digitalizing world day by day, we are undertaking a study that will lead us to the leading position.”

Environmentally friendly robot saves water consumption by 600%; It saves 50% electricity and cleans the area of 3.000m2 at maximum speed in one hour and can work 6 hours without being charged and without changing the water thanks to its 4 filters. The robot also gives fine results to clean without the need to use chemical products by using the neutralizing trait of the water.


Mrs. Uzunlar has ended her speech with these words: “Our robots are working in many plants in the world are especially preferred on airports with large square meters, the hotels, and the shopping malls.”