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Using WiFi Internet at Istanbul Airport

   More than 50 million visitors visit Turkey annually. Most of them arrive using Turkish airports, and Istanbul Airport ranks first in the most visited Turkish airports.
Internet access and communication between family members or with the outside world at Istanbul Airport have great importance for visitors.
Using the internet makes the waiting time pass quickly and more enjoyable that you cannot find with no Internet. Making your airport travel experience free of boredom and obstacles you can use free Istanbul New Airport (IST) Wi-Fi network.
Especially if you are traveling alone without any previous airport experiences or spending some time waiting for someone arriving. As the Internet helps communication between the traveller and his/her family or friends. To make sure that the tourist reaches the destination without any obstacles or problems.


A visitor is connected to the Internet at Istanbul Airport

Is There Free Wifi Network at Istanbul Airport for Visitors?

Yes, Istanbul airport afforded wifi access service to all visitors. Visitors can enjoy using the Istanbul airport internet for one hour free of charge through a smartphone, tablet, or personal laptop computer at the airport. Then a small fee is charged for the service extension.
This article will provide full details about taking advantage of the high-speed WiFi network at Istanbul Airport.


How to Connect The New Istanbul Airport Free WiFi Network?

Authentication is required from Visitors and travellers when connecting the free high-speed Internet Wi-Fi at Istanbul New Airport (IST)
The airport authority verifying your id in two way :


WiFi Istanbul via SMS

Internet login screen at Istanbul Airport

If you are using a European SIM card or any SIM card active with an international roaming service, so you can use it on Turkish networks.
And you will be able to receive SMS to your mobile phone,
so you can request the Turk Telekom free Wi-Fi password for connecting Istanbul airport network as follows:


After searching for available WiFi networks in Istanbul airport, you can find Istanbul airport WiFi provider "Turk Telecom ": IstanbulAirportTurkTelecom. The signal strength varies according to the location of the connection.
you may connect the previously mentioned network to open the registration page available in several languages, including English, Arabic, Russian, and Turkish.
After choosing English and chose Mobile Login or Mobile Giriş. Here enter the phone number used to receive the WiFi SMS verification code.

When the message arrives, enter the password in the browser accept the agreement to obtain one hour of free Internet.
If you need a more long package of wireless internet, you can buy the paid package online.
WiFi package is available for two hours and all day wifi Istanbul airport package.


WiFi Istanbul via Passport:

But if there is no active mobile number on international roaming, the password can be requested using the passport.
Where you must search for free WiFi kiosk in the airport yards in blue colour and then scan the passport through the device to print the access code to the Internet.
The passport code or the barcode at the bottom of the passport's first page must be scanned.
To use the Internet, you have to log in using the Passport Login or Pasaport Giriş after searching for the IstanbulAirportTurkTelecomFree network.
Then, enter the passport number and the password that was obtained.

The following video provides a detailed explanation of how to use the service.


How do I Get Help Connecting to WiFi?

Türk Telekom staff in the airport can assist in any problem with accessing the Internet.
In addition to the airport customer service staff who can be contacted via screens machines! Ask Me or! Bana sor.
Which is located in the passenger lounges at the airport, and provides video, face-to-face communication between the visitor and the employee.

What Other Internet Points does Istanbul Airport Provide?

Visitors can also get an Internet connection from restaurants and cafes in the airport halls.
after make shopping and purchasing from those places you may ask for wifi password while taking a rest there.

As Istanbul Airport offers many Turkish and international restaurants and cafes 
Also, many airlines such as "Turkish Airlines" provide Internet service to stay connected onboard during flights. Terms and service fees of the internet on Turkish airlines can be inquired from the flight crew.

You can use the broadband internet connection provided by the Passenger Lounge at Istanbul Airport 
Several companies at the airport provide mobile 4g internet wifi device for rent.
You can use this rental device anywhere in Turkey and return it to delivery points while leaving at the airport.