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Guatemala's President ‘amazed’ By the New Istanbul Airport

President of Guatemala Jimmy Morales with his wife Patricia de Morales visited Istanbul. Mr. Morales has landed at Istanbul Airport around 12:00 pm for a private trip, welcomed by Civilian Authority of Istanbul Airport Ismail Sanli, Director of Police Department of Istanbul Airport


Talking about Istanbul, Morales spoke, the city deserved to host the most tourists and that he aspired to start nonstop flights between Guatemala and Turkey.
Deniz and Istanbul Airport Gendarmerie Battalion Commander Lieutenant Colonel Ersan Dikili and IGA managers. Jimmy Morales has made reconnoiter at internal and international terminal buildings and operations center and walked around. Morales has taken detailed information from the airport construction process to flight operations and made comments.


President of Guatemala Jimmy Morales visited IstanbulPresident Jimmy Morales said: “Starting from scratch, in a very short period like 42 months, It is very remarkable that a place that does not give any expectations turns into such an airport like this. These are incredible figures, flights per day are one thousand 200 in wintertime and one thousand 800 in the summertime. We are very impressed. No need to say, when the whole project is completed, I suppose there will be much more when the 6 runways are in use.”

President Morales, who visited Istanbul for the first time, said that he liked Istanbul very much, and he continued his speech as follows: “I have heard very good things about Istanbul. After I came to see, especially after seeing the airport, I was much more impressed. I have 4 sons. I called my sons and told them, ‘We all have to come to Istanbul together.’ It is a very bright and beautiful city in both historical and cultural terms. I had a meal in front of the Bosphorus and could not get enough of the view. I watched the sunrise behind the mosques. It was very impressive.” said Mr. Morales.