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Istanbul Airport Subway in Service Soon


Many visitors to Turkey prefer to use the subway service because of its speed and avoid congestion in other modes of transport, so after entering Istanbul's new airport in service, visitors to Istanbul miss a metro line that facilitates their access from the airport to the city center.


Is there any metro line in future metro plans that connects the airport with the city center?


Yes, the Turkish President announced a number of new metro lines in Istanbul, including the M11 metro line, the new Istanbul Airport metro - Gayrettepe, which will connect the new airport to the city center.

The first stage of the metro line, which is under construction, will be opened at the end of 2021 as planned, as it will reach Istanbul Airport in the Kağıthane Metro Station while the new line will reach Gayrettepe in the municipality of Sisli in April 2022, with a length of 38 km, And the end of 2022 the metro will connect between Istanbul Airport and Halkali, with a length of 34 km.

When the new metro is fully operated This will be easier for travelers to reach the city center from the airport and reduces traffic congestion on the airport roads.

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Istanbul Airport Metro ... soon in service

How can I use the M11 (scheduled to open) metro line to reach Taksim?


Getting to Taksim will be easier after completing the first stage of the metro, as the metro can be used from the airport metro station to the last station in Gayrettepe (which is located in the north of Şişli), and then from the same station, change to the metro line M2 (Hacıosman - Yenikapı) which passing through Taksim station within not more than 45 minutes. 

The M2 metro also passes several stations, Şişli station (which is located inside the Cevahir Mall), Taksim, and Şişhane (inside Istiklal Street) to University of Istanbul station and ending at Yenikapi station.

It is also possible to use the Metrobus line from Gayrettepe station to reach anywhere in Istanbul as the Metrobus line is connecting the European side of Istanbul, starting from the Beylikdüzü district in the far west to Kadikoy in the Asian side of Istanbul.


Thus, the new airport will be served by all forms of transportation that connect it to the city center, from the metro to airport buses and taxis.

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