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More Than 16 Million Passengers in Three Months

Istanbul is not only the fasted growing city in Europe but also the fasted growing city in the world and the major crossroads for Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. In this fastest growing place, the Turkish Government has announced the opening of the new Istanbul Airport after a long break. It is planned to make this airport the largest one. This will emerges out to be the City’s new international hub.

The Airport terminal opened with a “soft launch” October last year. The newly opened airport has a grand opening on April 5. When it’s inauguration is about to announce, many times the date has been pushed.  Due to this airport, the crowd of other airport has minimized to a great extent. Around 250 airlines are likely to move this airport. The commercial and domestic flight will be operated from here and decreasing the rush on the Ataturk Airport.


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From the day this airport has opened, the Ataturk Airport has ended it's commercial passenger's flights. From April 5 all the commercial flights started to transfer to Istanbul Airport. Now the Airport Ataturk is available for cargo, general aviation, air taxi, state aircraft, business flights and other flights permitted by the Airport Authority. Now the Ataturk airport is expanding into the cargo sector and use it Ataturk base to focus on a new undertaking, according to the Airlines.

After the grand opening, it is recorded that 15.99 million passengers have been served by this Internation Istanbul Airport.


This huge data is between the April 6 and July 1( the day all the commercial flights has been transferred to the new Airport. Pretty much everything was working, practically the majority of the stores and eateries were open, most representatives had a decent feeling of what was happening, and they are just, by and large, wasn't a condition of frenzy

This mega Airport has handled more than 100000 flights that include Domestic and International, in the short span of three months.

Istanbul Airport has welcomed 11.95 million international passengers while the domestic passenger is around 4 million in this short span.


5.98 million passengers used Istanbul Airport, only in the month of June. This mega Airport has shown a hike of 7.4 percent in a number of travelers than the Ataturk Airport.

The team is operating for 25 years has introduced the automated passport control system to make sure passenger have to go fast customs.

The quick and self-service at the airport make this amazing as quick permits help people to avoid wasting of time. This quick system includes biometric verification using face recognition and fingerprints. Currently, 30 automated passport control counters are available at this Airport.


This airport with a capacity of 200 million passengers annually, it is set to become a global aviation hub hosting for more than 100 airlines and operating the flights to over 300 destinations around the world.