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International Passengers Settled in Sakarya Due to COVID-19

346 people and 2 babies from abroad were placed in the dormitory belonging to the Credit Dormitories Institution in Serdivan district of Sakarya. Within the scope of Corona Virus measures, people coming from abroad will be kept under surveillance for 14 days.

People who came to Istanbul Airport by plane from the UK were brought to Sabahattin Zaim Student Dormitory, which belongs to the Credit and Dormitories Institution in Serdivan district of Sakarya, after the medical screenings. 346 people and 2 babies were placed in their rooms after being screened at the entrance of the dorm. The residents will be kept under surveillance for 14 days within the scope of Corona Virus measures.


It was stated that the number of people to be quarantined in Sakarya with the new ones coming from abroad was 1993.  All passengers who will come from abroad to Istanbul from now on will be kept under surveillance for 14 days in Muhammed Fatih Safitürk Student Dormitory in Arifiye district and Rahime Sultan Student Dormitory in Serdivan, Sakarya Student Dormitory, and Sabahattin Zaim Student Dormitory.


Istanbul Airport Has Moved More Than 1500 Other Passengers to Karabük State

Istanbul airport has also transported more than 1500 passengers, mostly from Algeria, Tunisia, and Jordan, who were stranded at the airport, to a university dormitory for students that have been emptied in the Karabük district, northern Turkey.

These passengers have been stuck in the airport northwest of Istanbul, for several days after their countries closed airspace, and flights were canceled due to the COVID-19 virus epidemic.

A residence for these passengers was prepared to accommodate them until the airspace of their countries of residence is reopened, which remains obscure after the result of the outbreak of the virus.

Where the police escorted them from Istanbul airport to the buses, which in turn took them to the dormitory after no additional options remained in Turkey, especially with the continued increase in the number of injuries and deaths in Turkey due to the virus.