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Kolin Transfers Stake in New Istanbul Airport to Kalyon

Kolin Inşaat has moved its 20 percent stake in İGA Havalimanı İşletmesi that works Istanbul Airport to another investor, Kalyon.

Following the finishing of the offer exchange, Kalyon's stake in İGA will increase to 40 percent. The details of the offer exchange has not yet been revealed. The last broad get together of İGA gathered on Dec. 20 and the choices made at the get together demonstrated that each Cengiz Inşaat, Mapa Inşaat, Limak İnşaat, Kolin İnşaat and Kalyon Havacılık ve İnşaat had a 20 percent share in the joint endeavor around then.


The capital of the joint endeavor was lifted to 7.4 billion Turkish Liras ($1.4 billion) at the general gathering meeting. After the general get together, Kolin Inşaat stripped its stake and finished its association in the joint endeavor.

The choice in regards to the offer exchange was made not long ago, individuals acquainted with the issue have said.The offer exchange has not been enrolled formally.


İGA was established in 2013 to develop and work Istanbul Airport for a long time. Istanbul Airport, whose first stage was opened on Oct. 29, has a yearly limit of 90 million travelers. The Competition Board approved the procurement of Kolin Inşaat's offers by Cengiz İnşaat and Kalyon İnşaat.


Istanbul Airport Stake Transferd from Kolin to Kalyon

The air terminal – effectively one of the world's biggest with an asserted 90 million ppa limit on two runways – opened somewhat on 29-Oct-2018, including what was professed to be the world's greatest air terminal exchange of administrations and fitting foundation from the current Atatürk Airport. Turkish Airlines as of late said it means to end planned Atatürk Airport activities at 02:00 on 06-Apr-2019 (set back from a unique date of 31-Dec-2018) and to work every one of its administrations from the new Istanbul air terminal. Now it can profess to be appropriately 'open'.


Atatürk right now stays open and in w/c 01-Apr-2019 Turkish Airlines still represents over 80% of its ability. In the long run its job will turn into that of a payload, MRO and general flight office. In any event it is holding a flight job, just on the off chance that something ought to turn out badly at the new air terminal, similar to the case with Bangkok's Don Mueang air terminal, which was brought again into administration yet not at all like for instance other capital city air terminals, for example, Berlin Templehof (presently an open park and an exile focus) and Athens Ellinikon (a metropolitan park with potential modern/business use).


It is proposed that the new air terminal, arranged in the northwest of the conurbation, could deal with around 200 million travelers for every annum on six runways once completely operational in 2028. The break encompassing the improvement of the Dubai World Central air terminal and the dropping of the New Mexico City International Airport ought to convey a notice about projections of that galactic request. Regardless it would wander into an unchartered area. The world's busiest air terminal right currently handles just a large portion of that number of travelers.