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Istanbul Airport and THY Airlines Rising to the Top


The General Directorate of Civil Aviation (SHGM) shared on their website related to the subject as follows:

"While Istanbul Airport was the 14th airport that hosted the highest number of passengers in the world in December, it was the second airport that achieved the most improvement worldwide, with an increase of 8,4% in the number of passengers.


istanbul airport ranking

London Airport, among the European airports, was 0.5 percent, The airport of Paris increased by 4.2 percent, Frankfurt Airport increased by 1 percent, and Amsterdam Airport increased by 0.3 percent.


Istanbul Airport which started its flights in April 2019, increased its passengers the most among the 5 largest airports in Europe, Istanbul Airport, was 15th August. It was included in the list of airports with the highest number of passengers in the world. It was ranked 15th in September, 12th in October, and 11th in November, keeping Atatürk Airport's list in 2018. "


Turkish Airlines Rise With Istanbul Airport

On the other hand, it is stated that Turkish Airlines is ranked 14th among airline companies carrying the most passengers in the world.


In the statement made by SHGM; '' In terms of increase in the number of passengers, THY was the 4th airline to increase its passengers the most, with a growth of 7.1 percent (Qatar 17.7 percent, Singapore 8.7 percent, China 7.9 percent).


Qatar, Singapore, and China Airlines Considering the 32.9 percent share it receives from the air transportation of the Asia-Pacific Region, THY is much more successful than its competitors, Lufthansa, one of the European carriers in the world list, is 2.8 percent, Air France-KLM is 1.6 percent.


While Raynair increased its passenger by 5 percent and British Airways by 4.8 percent, THY was the airline that increased its passengers the most in Europe with an increase of 7.1 percent. "


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