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Where to sleep at Istanbul airport?

İstanbul Airport has many options when it comes to sleeping at the airport or getting a nap before your next flight without having to go outside.

Regardless of whether you have a delay, medium-term sleepover or you are simply going through, our Istanbul Airport E-Information Gate remains an incredible spot to begin arranging your travel. Here, you'll discover the best ways to stay at the airport while having a nice time and comfortable experience by shopping, eating, playing or just sleeping.

The İstanbul Airports in Turkey continues to offer more achievements in the field of transport and aviation while providing more comfort for all passengers on both domestic and international flights. There are two major options for sleeping at İstanbul Airport:

Sleeping Cabins – IGA Sleepods

Istanbul Airport has now many sleeping cabins called IGA Sleppods, and it is the best choice for passengers who have just arrived to the airport and staying just a few hours before their next flight time. These sleeping cabins are small but yet comfortable for a quick snooze or getting some rest and privacy. Inside the sleepod, there is a USB port and an electrical outlet so that the traveler can charge his electrical and electronic devices, and at the bottom there is a section for placing the travel bags and special purposes safely.



The sleepods are placed at calm and special areas so you can get some rest and privacy as well.

The prices:

After each use, the covers and blankets are sent to the laundry in order to keep the furniture clean inside the sleepods.

Istanbul Airport Lounge & CIP

Istanbul Airport family has always dedicated their staff and facilities to provide you the travel of your life. The lounge can not just be used for rest and sleeping at Istanbul Airport, but also for entertainment, eating and open buffet, showers and playing. Thus, Regardless of what class of service you are flying, there are all you need to have such a remarkable experience while traveling. In the following link, you can get more information about Istanbul Airport lounge, included services, prices and booking even before your arrival.

Istanbul Airport Lounge Services