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Meet, Greet & Assist Service

Traveling can be very stressful when you try to move through strange terminals in a busy airport on your own.


Now and due to our MEET, GREET & ASSIST (MGA) service, you actually can have an escort in your new journey to guide you within your first contact with Turkey. Help you get through all the airport processes and pass the language barriers easily and quickly.


Meet, Greet and Assist Personal Assistant


What is the Meet, Greet & Assist Service? 

   MGA is a service dedicated to all passengers from families, eldest, travelers with special needs, business travelers, VIPs, or transit visitors. Those are looking for a smooth, easy airport experience and guidance to pass through the passenger processes, from checking points, security, immigration, baggage collection, all the way to the arrival to the lounge resting area in a quick, stress-free, and very comfortable way.


MGA Package Types 

The actual service contains different benefits for varieties of situations.


The package include:

  • Meet and greet by a personal assistant at the airport entrance
  • Private Buggy service
  • Escort to boarding gate by a personal assistant
  • CIP Lounge use
  • Fast Track use
  • Porter service
  • Priority Check-in (with contracted airlines)

The package include:

  • Meet and greet by a personal assistant at the flight gate
  • Private Buggy service
  • Escort to transfer vehicle by personal assistant
  • Fast Track use
  • Porter service

The package include:

  • Meet and greet by a personal assistant at the first flight gate
  • Private Buggy service
  • CIP Lounge use
  • Escort to boarding gate by a personal assistant
  • Fast Track use
  • Porter service

MGA Buggy

To book your MGA Service


Regarding the personal assistant, you will have our agent waiting for you patiently with a warm smile, as soon as you arrive with a «Welcome drink » holding flowers and a sign with your name written on it for an immediate departure.


for the Private Buggy service, we will provide you with a very comfortable mini-vehicle where you can move comfortably around the airport without having to put out extra energy on walking


 In the Porter service, you will have a dedicated porter that will carry all of your luggage in a delicate way without having to worry about it.

the Priority Check-in and fast tracks are the ability to pass all security checking points, immigration passes, and all other points in a fast way, making you pass first and putting you as a priority with no possible pain or time waste instead of the usual tedious processes of airports that creates constant fear of losing your flight in case of departure or transfer.


iGA Lounge


In the escort part, our local greeters who have detailed knowledge of the airport will escort and assist you smoothly pass through all steps required in a simple as well as uncomplicated way since they know all quickest routes and shortest lines available, they take you to your departing airline lounge when you choose that service where you can rest, do your work while using the free lounge WIFI.


How to book the MGA service

To arrange the reservation, all you need is :

MGA special services

 Special needs passenger

This special service is concerning passengers with a special condition or a need. For this pack, our guests will be accompanied by specially trained MGA assistants (First Aid Training, Sign Language Training, Disability Perception, and Awareness Training).


If requested, our guests can access special rooms made available by Istanbul Airport free of charge, including an Adult changing place, a special guest room, and a silent room Special passenger service desk.


This category is made special for the following conditions:

  We will make sure to stay with you and help you step by step, and provide all the conditions required for a safe and healthy airport experience.


Personal Assistant holding the baggage


Health Service

This pack is for passengers who have to take the PCR test in the airport before departing to another place. At these times, one of the principal passes to travel to a country or even enter a place is through the PCR test results.


We provide you a service where you can take your necessary PCR test in a private, comfortable, clean, and sanitized environment by making sure that you've taken good care of from our health experts. The test is being done quickly without having to wait in any line with fear of catching some sickness by non-trustful tools used for the test.



Extra Services Taxis

  If you're arriving at the Istanbul airport for the first time, and you don't have a ride to take you to your destination, and you don't have any clue about the country's navigation, or you're looking for a comfortable ride to the place where you're staying.


You can choose the taxi services that we provide, with varieties of options and friendly drivers. We guarantee you an easy and safe vehicle ride that will take you to where ever you want in a very short time in comparison with other public transports.


Check more details about our Taxi pack here.

Pay Online, Save Your Money and Time

Why choose the MGA service?

    With our service today, you don't have to struggle on your own with your airport traveling experience. We will provide you with a friend at the airport that will wait for you and handhold you and your loved ones, make you feel comfortable and safe during your journey and give you a taste of the hospitality and welcoming of turkey. We are here as facilitators to make you look more forward to the Istanbul airport. you can contact us for any extra information, questions, and queries about MGA packages.