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COVID-19 PCR Test in Your Hotel

  PCR tests, which have always been actively used in the medical field, became an effective tool in a struggle with COVID-19.

PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test is able to clearly determine the existence of the virus in a person’s body, even if there is a tiny amount of viruses.


Take the COVID-19 PCR Test Without Leaving Your Home/Hotel.
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-Same Day Government Approved Results


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PCR in hotel

PCR test can indicate the existence of a virus in the body, even if a person does not have any vivid symptoms ( so-called asymptomatic person ).


Thereby, owing to the advantages of PCR tests, such people can be isolated immediately, which would help to control the dissemination of the virus in the long term.


You may get a PCR test done in the laboratory.
Moreover, you may get tested at any convenient place for you (such as hotel, home, office) by contacting us. Thus, there is no need for you to visit any laboratories to get tested.


Our expert staff could come to the place you have chosen with fully sterile equipment and securely take your PCR sample.


What are the benefits of using a PCR test?

    The PCR test is essentially a painless and simple test for the individual. It is highly useful in the fight against the pandemic since the results are fairly quick. Because it detects the presence of the virus even in asymptomatic patients, it aids in inpatient isolation, contact isolation, and virus containment.


 How do PCR tests differ from Antibody tests?

  Antigen tests, such as polymerase chain reaction (PCR), are not the same as antibody tests. Antigen tests show whether the virus is present in the body of the patient.

Antibody tests are used to determine whether the patient has previously been infected with the virus and whether the body has produced antibodies against the virus.

While tests for antigen are used to diagnose the current disease, testing for the antibody shows whether the disease has already occurred.

Antibody tests will not tell if the person's illness is during the test.

While taking a swab from your mouth and nose, the PCR is carried out Antibody.

  How is the PCR test is done?

  PCR test is done using a swab to collect samples from the mouth and nose. Then the samples are sent to the laboratory. When a laboratory receives the sample, they are starting to isolate genetic material from the sample including genetic material from any virus that may be present.

 What type of test should I take?

  A PCR test should be performed to determine whether you are currently having COVID-19 or not. An antibody scan is recommended if you want to find out if you have a history of illness.

 Is this experiment consistent and reliable?

  The PCR test is a highly reliable experiment. It plays a critical role in the Covid-19 outbreak, particularly in diagnosing asymptomatic patients.


pcr sample

 What does PCR positive mean?

  A positive PCR result indicates that the coronavirus has been infected with this disease. In this way, the person and those around them are isolated, lowering the risk of coronavirus transmission to others.

 Who can take a PCR test?

  Although PCR testing is performed on people with Covid 19 symptoms, it can also be applied to those without symptoms. A sample is taken from the upper or lower respiratory tract, depending on the patient's condition in their tests, a swab sample is taken from the nose and throat via a thin cotton swab.


covid-19 vaccine

 Where is PCR testing performed?

  PCR testing is taken from samples in health institutions approved by the Ministry of Health and again obtained in approved laboratories.


mask vaccine

Can I get the PCR test done before I get to the hospital?

  You can apply to our hospitals for PCR testing, and we can perform the Tests together with our special teams at home, in your office, or in a location you specify.


Is the antibody test accurate?

  The sensitivity and specificity rates of all antibody tests are used to evaluate their performance. The test's 100 percent sensitivity (definition of "correct positivity") means that if the patient's test result is positive, the test is 100 percent reliable. The specificity of antibody tests is 99 percent, indicating the test's "correct negativity" rate. All of these values rise in direct proportion to the number of people who are tested. In terms of reliability, it is clear that the new tests developed have high sensitivity and specificity.



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