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Is Covid Test Result Required to Enter Turkey?

latest updates:05 June 2021


   Istanbul airport is usually a busy airport, particularly for transits due to its strategic position between Europe and Asia. But during the corona pandemic, there is an extra reason for travelers to purposely re-routing their flight to connect there. It is the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR ) testing capabilities.


Most countries are now demanding PCR testing to be performed as part of their entry requirements. And they prevent the visitors who don't have or have an old PCR test result.


The passengers must provide a negative PCR test result taken no longer than 96 hours or ( in some countries 48 hours) before arriving at Their final destination.


While that is great for safe travel, this may lead the travelers to struggle in finding clinics or health points that can deliver results in time before their flight,  

So, in most cases, if they can't get a test in time in their country, they reschedule their flight heading to Istanbul.


PCR testing

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Fill the formQuick PCR Test In Istanbul



Thousands of passengers every day are re-directing their flight plans to include a break in Turkey so that they can satisfy testing demands for entry into other countries.


The airport has one of the most reliable and fastest testing centre in the world. They are achieving thousands of tests daily to offer accurate results within 8 hours or even less to the tourists.


And to give our visitors a comprehensive vision of the PCR test facilities, we have prepared all the frequently asked questions and information about PCR .on where and how to take a PCR test at the Istanbul airport, the pricing and the result times, and everything else could be asked about it.


- Do I need to pass to the passport control to reach The health clinic to take the test?

   Unfortunately Yes. You have to be able to legally enter Turkey to reach the testing center cause it's after the passport control point. So If you are arriving from a Visa-required country, you will need to obtain your visa before. It's good that most countries can take their eVisa in simple steps from here.




As a result, no-body can reach the testing center directly from the transit area.


- Do I need an appointment to visit the testing Center in Istanbul airport?

There is no need for an appointment to visit the Istanbul airport's testing center as it is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week.


-What tests could COVID-19 medical center in Istanbul airport can offer?

The Medical Center at Istanbul Airport provides several types of medical tests for visitors depending on travel requirements, as the kind of test varies from one country to another. You can take the following checkup and obtain the results rapidly:

    -  PCR test .

    -  Antibody test

    -  Antigen test.


- Where can I take the PCR test, and How much does it cost?

The test center is in front of Entrance 14 in Arrivals Hall at Istanbul airport, while The test fee is 260 TL or about $33 for all ages.


PCR testing


- What about the results ... How long it takes?

 On average, it takes around 1.5 hours in most cases.


- How can I get a test on a transit period?

  First, you will need to make sure that you can enter Turkey legally since you will be going through passport control to reach the testing area. Then, make sure your transit time is at least 12 hours. All the flights' less than 12 hours maybe not enough to obtain the test results in time. So it's ideal for you to take the test at least 12 hours before the boarding time to make sure that the test result is ready before you leave.


- Can i take the test a few days before my flight?

  No, The airport testing center will not perform a test for you if your flight is more than two days or 48 hours away. They will ask you to come back to get the test 48 hours away from travel. Many passengers land, enter Turkish land, make the test, and then leave to take a break in a hotel for the night. While test results are available in the morning online, they can get the test results by checking out from the hotel. They can ask the hotel to print the results, or they can use the electronic test documents.


- I am already in Turkey ... how can I take the test?

You have several choices to take the PCR test if you are in Turkey,

   * You can either take the test in the airport health center, which is in the Arrivals Hall at the airport.

   * Or you can visit one of the authorized Diagnostic Laboratories to take the test one day before the flight.

you can find COVID-19 Authorized Diagnostic Laboratories List here .

Make sure to take the test at least 12 hours and no more than 48 hours before your flight. Bring your passport and proof of the ticket to the testing center.


- What the test steps?

The test will be performed in 4 steps starting from registering, make the payment, performing the test, and taking the result.

   1- Show your passport, flight information, and other related information. And they will issue you a bill for the test fee.

   2- pay the test bill fee (260 TL ) in cash only.

   3 - take the receipt and go to the sample counter to receive the test sample collection tube and a barcode. keep the second copy of the barcode sticker with you. (It might also be in a paper copy if not sticker, don't lose it!)

   4- Take the tube go to counter 4 to have the test. The test performer - who will take the code and the tube and give you a nasal swab- is behind a glass barrier.


The process can take up to 30 minutes, but it may take more time in peak hours.


- Where can i get the Test Results?

  The Turkish Ministry of Health created a special website for the visitors to take the result report, which will be available a few hours later after the test at from the Enabiz system To view the English language test report, you should enter the barcode number from the sticker and your passport number's last four digits.

Those results can be saved as a pdf document to use it as digital proof. And can be printed For the countries that need a sealed-printed copy of the PCR test result.


pcr test result

The test is the perfect choice for :


- Are there any covid travel limitations in Turkey?

   It is good that there are no travel limitations to Turkey, and it is not asking arrivals to be tested, or quarantine, which makes Turkey the testing hub of the world, as all nationalities can access it for pre-flight testing.


Updates: 22 April 2021

Starting from 30.12.2020: all international passengers over six years old arriving in Turkey via air travel will have to submit

* A Negative PCR test result 

* fill in the Turkey Entrance Form within 72 hours of their departure .

- Print out or the mobile screenshot of the filled form will have to be submitted to airline crew before boarding.

- Transfer flight passengers also should show a negative test result if they need to reclaim their baggage or enter the country for any reason (non-connecting flights).


- Transfer flight passengers do not have to give test result if they stay in-transit area and not leaving it till their next flight ( connecting flights)

Tourists from South Africa, or Denmark should declare their residency address and stay in isolation for at least seven days in Turkey in addition to the negative PCR test result.

Tourists from United Kingdom are temporarily not allowed to enter Turkey. read more about the new entry restriction


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