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Turkey`s New Restrictions

Last update: 15.03.2022


   The Republic of Turkey is considered one of the most successful, disciplined, and successful countries to fight against the COVID 19 pandemic. The country is always putting new strategies and curfews to control as much possible of the COVID situation.


Turkey's New Restrictions

Check The Entry Admission Rules Of Turkey

Please enter your stayed country in the last 14 days, so you can learn the requirements and the effective PCR and vaccination rules to enter Turkey.



Travel Restrictions


International Restrictions:

- Passengers over 12 years of age and younger than 18 years of age, traveling with their parents and arriving from the countries listed above, are allowed to board the flight if they can submit a PCR test with a negative result taken within maximum of 72 hours before arriving in Turkey.


  1. Until further notice, all passengers from all over the world must complete the " Turkey Traveler Entry " webform and maintain the HES Code ( health certificate ) 72 hours at most before departing and presented at check-in and upon arriving.

  2. Currently, Turkey is banning all direct flights from:
    • South Africa,
    • Botswana.
    • Namibia.
    • Mozambique.
    • Zimbabwe.
    Travelers wishing to enter Turkey from those countries must fly from other countries.
  3. Until further notice, Passenger arriving from the following countries:
    • India
    • Pakistan
    • Brazil
    • Bangladesh
    • Sri Lanka
    • Nepal
    • Afghanistan

    Or, have been in these countries in the past 14 days, must submit :

    A negative PCR test that is taken 72 hours at most NEXT TO, vaccination certificate showing they are fully vaccinated for at least 14 days before arrival.
    Passengers who are not fully vaccinated must quarantine for 14 days at their own expense.


    This does not apply to:

    • Passengers less than 12 years
    • Nationals and residents of Turkey.
    • Passengers holding a COVID-19 recovery certificate delivered a maximum of 6 months before landing.
    • Seamen Merchant.
  4. Until further notice, passengers who visited for the past 14 days the following countries:
    • Mozambique
    • Zimbabwe
    • South Africa
    • Namibia
    • Botswana.

    Must confirm a hotel reservation before departing, and maintain their hotel confirmation with them. The travelers must be quarantined for 14 days. The expense should be covered by themselves. Check the hotel list designated by the government down below .

This does not apply to passengers holding the certificate for COVID-19 vaccination, showing that they have taken both doses for at least 14 days before entering.


Passengers can end their quarantine if they submit a Negative PCR test on their 10th day.


- For the passengers who have had the COVID-19 disease, a single dose of vaccination is considered adequate without a limitation of time after a minimum of 14 days have passed upon their PCR test with positive results.

For people who are immune to COVID-19, vaccination and PCR testing are not required. The passengers who have had the COVID-19 disease and passed 180 days maximum after their positive PCR test results are deemed as immune.


Domestic Restrictions:

Starting from September 6th, passengers traveling intercity inside turkey using common transportations: plane, bus, train, or any other public transportation, will need to provide one of the following documents:


This does not apply to:

  1.  - Passengers of 12 years and below.
  2.  - Merchant Seamen
  3.  - Those who are traveling with private vehicles.


 - For people who are immune to COVID-19, vaccination and PCR testing are not required. The passengers who have had the COVID-19 disease and passed 180 days maximum after their positive PCR test results are deemed as immune.


 - The Turkish government does not forbid any nationalities from entering The territory of Turkey based on their citizenship instead it does place restrictions based on the departure point.



Mandatory PCR Test

   The COVID-19 restrictions will be applied to all Turkish citizens and residents starting from individuals 18years old above, except for Tourists who will not submit to these restrictions.


Fill the formBOOK PCR TEST



Turkey will keep on opening for tourism. Travelers from all nationalities who meet Turkey's immigration regulations can enter the country. However, they must comply with the social codes such as the mandatory mask and social distancing and maintain the HES code (Hayat Eve Sigar).

Turkish citizens, residents, and tourists must hold a HES Code (Hayat Eve Sigar) for all public services. The submission of the code might even be required upon entry to some public buildings, shopping malls, and banks, even the use of the Istabulkart for public transportation. All people in turkey must pair their HES code with their Istanbulkart to be activated. Check how to pair the HEPP Code with the istanbulkart . 



 Social Restrictions

 Starting from September 6, the proof of vaccination, or a negative PCR test made 48 hours earlier, will be required to enter any social establishments such as concerts, cinemas, theaters, or crowded events. The organizers and staff at those venues will check the visitors' HES code to trace their COVID infection history. It will be applied to individuals 18 years old and older and all resident foreigners in Turkey.


Turkey`s safety measurement for tourism


According to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the new amplification will become mandatory as part of the government's efforts to control the spread of COVID-19. The government of Turkey is trying to strengthen safety measures to decrease the rate of infections.

Istanbul is considered the largest city in Turkey, with a population of over 15 million residents, containing 19% of the population of Turkey and the country's economic, historic and cultural center. For that reason, the travel restrictions will be strictly applied inside the city and outside.


`Safe Tourism Certification Program` is being also developed under the leadership of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, with the contributions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Health, and in cooperation with all the partners in the industry.


The program consists of:

• Health and Safety of Passenger
• Health and Safety of Employee
• Measures at the Facilities
• Measures in Transportation Vehicles


In order for the government to ensure as much of a safe environment as possible for its visitors and locals.

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