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Turkey e-Visa for Saudi Arabian Citizens

    All Saudi Arabians who wish to enter the Turkish territory, need to submit a Turkish visa in order to be authorized, now the visa can be easily made online thru an e-visa application for the Saudis.


Turkish e-Visa Application Form For Saudi Arabia

The citizens of Saudi Arabia wishing to get their e-visa, must fill in carefully the information on the web form, make sure they provide accurate information, and have access to the details provided. The info’s needed on the application are:


After the travelers fill in the information and double-check if there are any mistakes, they can process their payment using whatever payment method they wish, afterwards, they will be notified on their email once the payment is made and their application is submitted.

Any misinformation can lead to a delay in the e-visa application process.


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E-Visa Apply NowApply for Turkish Visa Now


Steps Of Turkish Online e Visa For Saudi Arabia

In order to book your e-visa online you can easily follow the steps below:

The E-visa Application

The applicant may need some important security questions to answer as well as mentioning the country of origin for the Saudi Arabia citizens and an estimated date for entering Turkey.

Turkish e Visa Eligibility For Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is among the countries that are eligible to process the electronic Turkish e-visa, this visa allows the Saudis to stay up to 3months and it can be a business or a tourist visa since they’re the quickest to obtain, anyone can apply for the electronic e-visa with no problems as longest they provide the required details. The Saudis must get the approval of their visas first before booking any flight.

Turkish e Visa Processing Period For Saudis

Once the Turkish e-visa application is being submitted for Saudis it starts being processed instantly, the travelers will get notified afterward. Nonetheless, the traveler needs to apply for the e-visa at least 24hours before initiating the travel.

The application gets reviewed by the immigration officials, after it gets approved an email will be sent immediately to the email address provided.

Turkey Visa Control For Saudia Arabia

 The new electronic e-visa can be a replacement for the classical ‘stamp’ visa, where the traveler has to go thru so many procedures. In the entry of Turkey, it's mostly recommended to have a digital copy of the visa on the phone for the passport control also have a printed copy in case it's needed.

The security officers will the validity of the visa on the passport check-in.

Once the visa is maintained the travel can have access to all of the Turkish territory and depart from anywhere in Saudi Arabia or any other part of the world.

Now all Saudis can easily consider turkey one of their visiting list without having to think about visa complications since it become easy to access with the electronic version that can be made from anywhere. Check the link for applying.


E-Visa Apply NowApply for Turkish Visa Now