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Istanbul Airport is Celebrating its Birthday with a “95+1” Slogan.

The Airport is Celebrating its Birthday

The celebrations of Istanbul Airport which has opened on October 29 last year were held on the floor of the international departure of Istanbul Airport with the participation of the Civilian Authority of Istanbul Airport Ismail Sanli, CEO of IGA Kadri Samsunlu, and aviation employees.

The opening speech was made by the CEO of IGA Kadri Samsunlu. Mr. Samsunlu said: “We are in a very special month today that we experience the two happiness. On the one hand, while experiencing the enthusiasm of the republic that guarantees our independence and freedom, on another hand, we are also excited to celebrate the first year of Istanbul Airport which is the gateway of our country to the future and one of the main parts of a great vision.”


“This year, we are not celebrating our first age. We are celebrating our 95 plus first age with this slogan.” said Mr. Samsunlu, at the continuation of his speech he said: “Istanbul Airport has been shown as one of the best airports and we have performed 246 thousand 200 flights since the day it was opened.”

Mr. Samsunlu said, “Since the great migration, we have performed approximately 246,200 flights and hosted approximately 41 million domestic and foreign passengers at our airport. On the way we walked with 71 airlines, a total of 8 new airline companies started to fly for the first time from Istanbul Airport.

This situation was proof of we were doing a successful operation. Aware of the great responsibility it places on us to make real what called impossible, making a dream real, being an occasion of pride for our country and giving the lead for the world; I believe that in our new age, which we have stepped in today, we will achieve more beautiful works. With these feelings, I commemorate with mercy and gratitude all our heroes of national struggle and all our heroes who have been a martyr for our country, especially Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

I celebrate the October 29 Republic Day and the first anniversary of this great Victory Monument engraved with gold letters on our history; I wish many more anniversaries with full of successes.”


After the speeches, the first age cake was cut. While the cut cake was served to the passengers and employees, anthems played by the marching band got great attention. Foreign tourists took lots of photos with the marching band.