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Are you in Istanbul? Must explore the top 10 sights in Istanbul, as they are quite breathtaking and magnificent.



1. Basilica Cistern

Basilica CisternBasilica Cistern is one of Istanbul's magnificent and superb historic building. It is located in the southwest of Hagia Sophia. The fantastic and grandeur symmetry of this building make it an amazing and breathtaking site. The unfathomable depth makes it a great retreat on sunny days.
This great site is also known as Basilica Cistern because cistern is located at the place called Basilica. 

In the 6th century, the fantastic building was built and it was then overlooked for many years. 
Previously, the water has flowed away to the other part from this reservoir. It has been well suited with a melodious sound system, music, and glittered by lights. 336 sections are surrounded by the fish flitter that helps the roof. The wonderful topsy turvy head of Medusa is the must-see part of this cistern.



2.  Hagia Sophia

Hagia SophiaHagia Sophia (in Turkey Ayasofya)  is often referred to as the Eighth wonder of the world. The spectacular site is located right in the heart of Sultanahmet.

The amazing building with an attractive design makes it a great place to explore. The building shows the creative and artful aspect of Emperor Justinian's Byzantine, 6th century. Due to this, you will encounter the rush at this place all the time because it is quite impossible to overstate the beauty of this palace. It has shown the great transition from the church-turned-mosque-turned gallery which is peculiar.

This museum has fantastic facts to explore, the dome of this museum is 180 feet high and 100 feet wide. It is also considered as the revolution in history.

The first floor the structure is to a great extent vacant; the best of the sparkling mosaics hide in the exhibitions upstairs. Before as far as possible of the year, the city's best covers will go in plain view in the soup kitchen included after the congregation was transformed into a mosque.



3. Topkapi Palace

Topkapi PalaceIf you want to explore the most beautiful and sensational place, Topkapi Palace is the place you must visit in Istanbul. It was worked in the middle of 1466 and 1478 by the Sultan Mehmet II over a slope in a little peninsula, commanding the Golden Horn toward the north, the Sea of Marmara toward the south, and the Bosphorus strait toward the northeast, with incredible perspectives on the Asian side too. The Tower of the Justice that is above it was generally used for the supervision of the harbor. It is the home to prompting generation of sultans and their wives, who were closeted in the most famous harem in this world. There is also a treasury of the Divan, which is an exhibition of weapons of that time. It is basically like a warren of lushly-tiled rooms that round a gem of a great Turkish bath. To avoid the worst of the crowds, explore this palace on a day when no cruise ship is in town. 



4. Hagia Sophia Hürrem Sultan Hamam

Ayasofya Hurrem Sultan HamamHagia Sophia Hürrem Sultan Hamam is the most prosperous customary shower involvement in the Old City. It was designed by Mimar Sinan and constructed directly over the street from Aya Sofya by request of Süleyman the Magnificent and named out of appreciation for his better half Hürrem Sultan, ordinarily known as Roxelana. In 2011, it became possible for the visitors to visit this spectacular and stunning Hamam. Consider sections of land marble, the sound of running water reverberating around dynamite arches, and a back rub fit for a sultan. You'll turn out nearly murmuring.



5. Blue Mosque

Blue MosqueIt is the most magnificent mosque in the world, facing Aya Sofya beyond the small park and mirroring its domed silhouette make its beautiful tourist attraction in this lonely planet. The mid-seventeenth century, Blue Mosque is one of just a bunch of mosques on the earth to flaunt six minarets. Is it truly blue? All things considered, not discernibly, albeit every one of the dividers is papered with beautiful Iznik tiles. The man whose name was Sultan Ahmed I gave its name to both the mosque and the area neighborhood.
To see it as the draftsman, Sedefkar Mehmed Aga, initially proposed, enter through what resembles the side passage from the Hippodrome. Pop your head into a structure the measure of a little mosque on the edge of the complex. 



6. Istanbul Archaeology Museums

Istanbul Archaeological MuseumThe most impressive and must visit historical venues is Istanbul Archaeological Museums that you will love to explore on your tour. The amazing place comprises of three main units: the Ancient Orient Museum, Istanbul Archaeological Museums, and Tiled Kiosk Museum.  Alexandre Vallaury a later took it’s a sent form with the construction of auxiliaries built in 1903 and 1907. At long last, get a look at a harmony settlement from 1269 BC safeguarded in the piece of the historical center closest to the entryway.

This magnificent museum has a huge collection of archaeological and artistic treasures taken from the Topkapı collections. Out of many highlights, the sarcophagi from the Royal Necropolis of Sidon is quite a breathtaking museum. 
Children will love the model Trojan Horse in the youngsters' segment. At that point fly into the exquisite Tiled Pavilion, one of the city's most established Ottoman structures, wonderfully reestablished to flaunt its best earthenware production. 



7. Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum

Museum of Turkish and Islamic ArtsThe Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts provides an engrossing site to the complexity and unfathomable depth of the traditional arts. It is housed in that was originally the home of the Pargalı Ibrahim Pasha.
The Hippodrome can be overlooked where the Byzantine admirers of chariot dashing once conveyed similar energy to their game as present-day Turks do to football, this exhibition hall houses a wonderful accumulation of immense floor coverings from everywhere throughout the nation. Its cellar highlights recreations of everything from a completely fitted traveler tent to a fabulous inside from a7656   nineteenth-century Bursa manor. Try not to leave without seeing hand-woven Uşak Anatolian carpets. The museum has one of the best carpet collection in the world. The fascinating array of Turkish nomad art that includes all the miniature things are used by the nomads.



8. Süleymaniye Mosque

Suleymaniye MosqueThe mosque with a unique historical aspect is the Süleymaniye Mosque. It is a grand mosque, being the center of attraction of the city. The veteran Ottoman architect Sinan for Suleiman the Magnificent has designed this beautiful mosque. It is the finest and the most beautiful most out of 42 surviving mosques that he designed for Istanbul. Social service buildings have retains its original, sophisticated design including a library, a hospital, madrasahs,  and a hammam. Not only for travelers but also local it is the main attraction because of the street food that is delicious and delectable. It is the place without paying a visit to this place your outdoor tour to Istanbul will be incomplete.



9. Chora Church

Chora ChurchThere are so many historical building in Istanbul, Chora Church is the most adorable church out of all. It has a long and chequered history that divulge much part of Istanbul’s History. The church in the old city provides the stunning and enchanting glimpses of late Byzantine splendor, its well-carved walls and beautifully designed ceilings adorned with awe-inspiring frescoes and sparkling mosaics. This sparkling mosaic tells the biblical stories, which can be followed like a graphic novel. With a great texture and beautifully painted in pastel colors, It is magnificent building that is erected in the neighborhood of restored Ottoman wooden houses. Before you leave, must have a look at the beautiful wall and design that was of fifth-century architecture.



10. Galata Tower

Galata TowerIstanbul is the only city which is spreading over two continents- Europe and Asia, because of this it becomes the most crucial tourist attraction in the world. The tower is erected hundreds of years ago base on the ancient structure. It is entirely made of stone with a beautiful design. It is such a magnificent place that you will never miss to explore, once you are around Istanbul.
It rules the neighborhood horizon from virtually any bearing you take a gander at it.

This magnificent tower was built in 1348, and the pinnacle once shaped piece of a sub-city having a place with the Genoese that extended directly down to the Bosphorus. It is not just high, but it also has an admirable cone cap. Get a birds-eye view of the tower quickly from the balcony in Beyoğlu.