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How to Open a Bank Account in Turkey as a Foreigner?

If you're looking to settle down or even invest in Turkey, you will have to consider opening a bank account. It is needed for the bare everyday essentials, from paying your house charges to paying your groceries.


It is easy and simple to make a Turkish bank account, and anyone can do it, as long as they hold the required documents. Although the process of opening a bank account may differ from one Turkish bank to another, generally, there are standard procedures that must be followed while opening an account.


We will provide you with all the main information you need to know for making a Turkish bank account.


bank account balance

Documents you need to open a Turkish Bank Account

The passport should not be above ten years. The bank will get a photocopy of the passport only for the registration process.


 You need a utility bill like electricity or water issued under your name. Or if you're living in a rental house and the bills are under the owner's name, you can get what's known as `Population' which is a paper registration that you can easily take from your local civil registry with a copy of your rental contract .


You can apply for the tax number from your local tax department and you can easily get it at the same moment. You can also apply for the Tax number using your valid foreign national identity number.


Opening a Bank Account as an Individual Living in Turkey

Any foreigner with a valid foreign national identity number or a Turkish working or residence permit has the right to open an account so easily by providing the required documents without any restrictions. The individual can even open a bank account online by going to the official website of the bank of their choice and following the steps.


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Opening a Bank Account as an Individual Living Abroad

For the foreigners who do not live in Turkey and still want to have a Turkish bank account for any reason, they need to follow their bank restrictions, but generally:

The Major Turkish Banks for Foreigners

All the larger banks in Turkey have great websites with great customer service in English and other languages, you can visit your selected bank's website and do the opening application. We have a list of banks for you:


 business bank

 It's the largest bank in Turkey, it's known as “the Turkish bank for foreigners”. They have a whole separated section for “foreign banking” in English. They own branches that provide banking services for individuals abroad in different places outside of Turkey, such as the Middle East, the UK, and China.



 Is one of the popular banks among foreigners for depositing money especially, more used as a saving account, as it offers one of the major rates in the market. It also provides English customer service along with English-speaking staff.



 Is the second-largest private bank in Turkey, it provides so many practical banking services for everyday life such as including the internet, telephone, ATM all in English. It also has a Western Union organization that makes it so famous among everyone in Turkey. Their customer service is operating in both German and English.



 This bank provides all of the normal the standard services, on top of that it gives you some extra advantages such as, foreign traveler card that makes you earn money while traveling and a tax consultancy services. This bank is also associated with Western Union, and they offer all kinds of special help in English.


 Ziraat Bank

 Is another famous international bank, it operates under German laws that make it have overseas branches especially in Germany. They also have a western union service on top of the standard bank services for regular use. You can find different languages ​​for their customer service.


 Kuwait Turk

 One of the known banks especially among the Arab foreigners, since they have a great Arabic-speaking staff and customer services. This bank can provide great online consultation in different languages ​​and it's all free of charge, it's one of the banks known as The Islamic Banks.


 Construction loans

  It's the fourth largest private bank in turkey, with more than 800 branches. This bank has an individual banking section in English for all foreigners. It's a great bank for investment since it has all kinds of services related to Buying or Selling Mutual Funds as well as BStock Transactions and others.


credit card application

You can deposit your money in any major currency that you would like on these banks, not necessarily in the Turkish lira and when it comes to opening a Turkish bank account, each bank eques a specific procedure that is different from another.


The best way to know more about what you need to have to create a new account is by contacting your preferred bank and setting an appointment with them in order to provide you with all the guidelines whether you're a Turkish resident or a customer from abroad .