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Turkey Tourism in 2021 and the Future of the Industry


Turkish tourism has always been on its toes since 2010. Attacks of terrorist organizations, bombs exploding in the airport and the city, Taksim Gezi Park protests, the downing of the Russian plane, the 2016 Coup attempt, and finally the Covid 19 pandemic lead to a stalemate in the Turkish tourism sector, which has been constantly damaged, in a dead-end for more than a year.


Despite the fact that Turkish Tourism, which has been injured for years, the number of tourists constantly increasing until 2020, except for 2016, allows us to see that the country is an indispensable tourism destination despite all the negativities.


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Grandoria Tours company founder Ercan Göktürk Hasan stated that Turkey's international relations and policies with other countries play a much more important role in this process, apart from the fact that accommodation facilities and travel agencies fulfill all their obligations in order to increase the number of tourists coming to the country and tourism income.


Pointing out that the expected efficiency could not be obtained from England, Germany, and Russia, where Turkey hosts the most Incoming tourists, Hasan said that England still keeps Turkey on the red list and that Saudi Arabia, the Middle Eastern country with the highest foreign exchange inflow to our country, follows the same path.


These countries play an important role in Turkey's share of tourism income and unfortunately, there are no alternative countries to replace these countries for geopolitical and cultural reasons.


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On the south coast of Turkey, where the occupancy rate has increased due to the Muslim eid holiday, Tourism traders and accommodation businesses feel relieved but tourism professionals have not been able to be happy in 2021 due to the travel bans and due problematic travel procedures, also the fear of virus mutations at the door.


Until Russia opens its doors, operators on the Southern coasts, which started the season with guests from Ukraine, Belarus, and Baltic countries, state that they could not reach even half of their estimated targets.


Turkey hosted 4,400,000 tourists from January to the end of May in 2021, there was a decrease in the number of tourists compared to the last year 2020, despite the decrease in the effects of the pandemic.


It should be noted that Turkey has performed many steps over the past 10 years to facilitate the visit for the incoming tourists like the Electronic Visa System, which helps the visitors to apply and obtain Turkey entry Visa in simplified and easy steps


The common view of tourism professionals that expect activity after July is that if they close the second half of 2021 with a loss, Turkish tourism and investments will suffer greatly, and it will be very difficult to replace the closed tourism establishments and qualified personnel who left tourism sector.


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