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Formula One's Turkish Grand Prix Left Istanbul Without Audience.


Formula 1 cars roaming Arnavutkoy istanbul

The 14th stage of the Formula One's World Championship was held in Istanbul from 13 to 15 November.


The coronavirus outbreak has cast its shadow over the race, as the competition was held without spectators based on a decision of the Public Health Council and with recommendations from the Provincial Pandemic Council in Istanbul to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).


It is reported that Turkey recorded a frightening increase in the number of Corona cases. as the number of new patients hit a new record in recent weeks after restrictions were eased.


The race, originally scheduled in August 2020, was postponed hope for a return to normal life.

From 2005 to 2011, Turkey hosted the Formula One championships seven times. The race was held at the Intercity Istanbul Park in the Tuzla district in the Asian side of Istanbul, with a Circuit Length of 5.338 km, 58 Lap, and 21 contestants, including Lewis Hamilton, Sergio PEREZ, and Sebastian VETTEL to cover a distance of 309,396 km.


Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton was victorious in the Turkish copy of the Grand Prix championship, and previously Hamilton record (93) wins in Formula 1.

The race is conducted on special tracks designed for this race, and the race is rarely performed on normal roads outside the track.

The results of each major prize race are collected, and two prizes are awarded annually, one for drivers and the other for car manufacturers, and the speed of cars in Formula One reaches 200 miles per hour.

The Turkish Presidency's Directorate of Communications published a Promotion video about the competition in a new way, as areas such as Sultanahmet, Galata Bridge, Eurasia Tunnel, Girl's Tower in Uskudar, July 15 Martyrs Bridge, and the most prominent tourist and vital places in Istanbul are toured by Red Bull drivers Alexander Albun and a driver Ava Tauri Bear Gasley Team,