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Current Travel Restrictions in All the World (Always Updated).


When traveling from one country to another, entry visas and the visitor's passport are expected ... and this is what we are used to.

However, after coronavirus outbreak, many countries have imposed many restrictions and procedures on their airports to prevent the spread of COVID-19. So the tourist should be aware, knowledgeable, and ready for these procedures to avoid any surprises.

Traveling Over the World

If you decide to undertake a business or leisure trip to a specific country, you must be aware of the current procedures and planned procedures imposed by your travel destination. The travel news that the International Air Transport Association (IATA) provides, can give you constantly updated information on the measures imposed and planned to be imposed in every country in the world. Therefore, we advise all travelers to check it out before planning any trip. to carry out any medical and legal procedures required, such as Passport, visa, and COVID-19 test.


Many countries demand a negative result for corona test before the trip. You can see more details about the Corona test at Istanbul Airport.Taking the Corona test at Istanbul Airport during the layover period can be done after obtaining Electronic Visa for Turkey to enter the medical institute at Istanbul Airport.


Country-specific travel-restrictions-information

If You Want to Visit Turkey

Airports in Turkey are equipped with contactles remote thermal measurement devices, in addition to the a thermal cameras, through which it can detect the presence of any unusual temperature increase (more than 38 degrees) for the arrivals through the airport. if visitors show indications such as fever, runny nose, cough and temperature more than 38 degrees, they will be directed to health institution and according to the guide provided by the Civil Aviation Agency, there are some restrictions that travelers must follow to maintain their safety during their flights and arrival to Turkey:



  • All passengers should wear a mask during the flight and at the airport.
  • All travelers must fill out passenger form upon arrival in Turkey.
  • Travelers should take a medical examination in case they showing any symptoms.
  • Travelers with positive test result must have a medical care.



All travelers on local flights must present the HES CODE , a special code for following up with all people who were in direct contact with those infected with the Corona epidemic. The majority of government facilities and private in Turkey at the request of the HES CODE when visited