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Matching HES Code With Istanbul Card


What is a HES Code?

A HES code is a private personal code implemented by the Turkish Ministry of Health to reduce the presence of passengers who are positive or have contact with a positive patient to be on board in Domestic and International Flights during controlled social life conditions.
HES stand for (Hayat Eve Sığar) in the Turkish language which means (Life Fits into Home) in English, the code helps you safely share your Covid-19 risk status with individuals and institutions for daily activities such as transportation or circulations for traveling.
It is mandatory to have a valid HES (Hayat Eve Sığar) code when purchasing a Bus, Train, Plane ticket, traveling long distances between cities inside Turkey.






What is an Istanbul Card (IstanbulKart)?

It’s a card that is used for all the public transportations that are: Metro, Marmaray, Buses and Ferry boat stations in Istanbul. It is owned and served by the Municipality of Istanbul.


Istanbul Card - HES App

How to Get an Istanbul Card (IstanbulKart)?

You can buy this Istanbulkart from the following options:

To follow the card credit you can download the app ‘istanbulkart’ on the AppStore or Google Play.



How to Load Your Istanbul Card (IstanbulKart)?

In order for you to load your Istanbul card to use for rides,

You can also check the amount you have left after each use in the Top-Up yellow/blue machine by placing your card on the clear plastic insert on the right-hand side. Wait a second for the machine to scan the card and it will demonstrate your balance on the screen.


How to Pair The HES Code With The Istanbul Card (IstanbulKart)?

With the COVID situation, it became mandatory for people to get the HES code and use it for some public purposes such as transport, it became a must to activate a HES code when using public transportation card.
In order to synchronize the HES code with the Istanbulkart you should visit the page below and fill all of the information that you will find on the web form and then approve the process at the end.
If you’re a foreigner you can select the button above that says ‘I am a foreigner, I want to continue by my passport number’ as well as choosing the language you would want to fill in with.





Istanbul Card HES Form