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If you’re looking for a budget-friendly transportation that has all of the comfort you’re wishing for in a trip, as well as making short time taking you to your desired location from the Istanbul Airport, or vice versa, from whatever location you’re in to the Istanbul Airport, then the SHUTTLE bus is the one for you.


IST Airport shuttle bus


The HAVAIST is a bus company that exists in Istanbul, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and it’s an official Istanbul airport shuttle bus that can take you to 50 destinations all around Istanbul. The bus is for passengers who want to take off or get into the airport in the most affordable way, with comfort, safety, and good service.


The bus offers different services:

  • Big smart TV screens
  • Wi-Fi service
  • Charging USB-power ports
  • Well Aired Space
  • 46 seats for people
  • Comfortable seats and interior design
  • Huge Luggage space that is included for use within the ticket

The safety protocols are all applied on the bus due to the COVID-19.


The bus has 9 lines with different numbers and stops all around the Istanbul city that reaches the Istanbul Airport from multiple destinations.


You can find HAVAIST Bus right at the Arrival Terminal of the Istanbul Airport close to the Arriving Passenger exit -2 floor.
There are 30 - 40 mins between one bus and another.


You can easily book your bus ticket online now with an easy system before your trip without having to wait in long lines in the ticket office in only a few steps:


  • Go to istanbulsairport.com/ru/shuttle
  • Pick which shuttle you would like to take (TO or FROM the ISTANBUL AIRPORT)
  • Fill in your personal info and the requested date as well as the number of passengers
  • Choose your payment method.
  • Make payment and get your quick response code (QR Code).
  • Show your QR code to the bus assistant and start your trip.




The shuttle bus Lines to/from the ISTANBUL AIRPORT: